With this service I meet with you at your site to discuss what design options may best suit your Outdoor Living needs as well as what restrictions the site may present.  This is a verbal meeting.  I typically spend 1.5 hours on site.  This is a great jump start to a Design Package service.   

3D Design Package 

This is my most popular service.  From the initial consultation meeting, site measurements and elevations are collected and submitted into my special design software that transpires into a 3D computer generated rendering of a design concept.  This Package includes various Outdoor Living elements.  A detailed description is also provided that include square-footage, linear-footage, perimeter footage, dimensions, perspectives, 

Construction Detail Drawings

If you design it, you also want to know how to build it!  These drawings are in a 2D format and include the necessary measurements needed for various contractors to follow from in order to build your Outdoor Living space.   

Project Management

I get asked to do this a lot!  My philosophy is that with a good team of skilled talent, your Outdoor Living project is in good hands. I strongly believe that to succeed, a team needs to have open communication, take pride in their work, have a respect for nature and high work ethics.  Believe me, I've seen it all, and I am proud to say that I now have a dynamite group of contractors who meet the above criteria can execute great work in great time!  My team will exceed industry standard.


Don't laugh....you would be surprised how important this is.  Details, details details.  Your dream Outdoor Living design calls for attention to materials, appliances, finishes, wood type, stone type..shall I go on.....  I personally will meet with you at a supplier's site to review material options that would best emphasize the integrity of your design.  Vision is the start of any creation. 

Collaborative On-Line Design 

Here is where you can contribute.  You do the On-Site work, send me the information and I produce something for you all via email!!!  It's fast, and it's the least expensive option I have to offer.  Contact me to discuss.